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Wearable, rechargeable, wireless audio and lights

Silent Disco International is not a dry hire company like many others. As the original inventor of the concept and an experience spanning two decades we take events to a higher level. With our wireless solutions you obtain freedom to explore spaces that could not be used due to noise disturbance restrictions or lack of infrastructure to hang bulky sound and light installations. We are the sound company with the shortest set-up time you can hire; only 20 minutes for a standard setup. Our products and services are highly scalable; from as 10 to as many of 10.000 headphones with the highest quality of sound in the market. Our products and experience range across a broad spectrum of applications; from lectures to dance events, live concerts and hiking/ urban tours.

Ahead of competition with our unique light solutions

New since 2015, our one of a kind light solutions, only available at Silent Disco International ! These unique , portable structures with lights above you and lights on top of the headphones, will add another dimension to your event. Synchronising the lights with the music or control it by standard protocols like art net and dmx makes our solutions an all encompassing experience. Click HERE to get some detailed information.

We understand you and provide quality

Your needs and event are at the very center of our tailor made recommendations which products are most suitable for your event. You will be provided with detailed information giving you a clear overview of the expected amounts of equipment, number of staff and transport costs.On site we are available to advise local technicians and Dj's on how to achieve the best possible sound.

Quality and safety in large numbers

Silent Disco International holds over 10.000 headphones in 3 different warehouses offering you unparalleled availability for your event.Each headphone is meticulously inspected, cleaned and charged by qualified personnel before being stored or shipped. To ensure the highest quality experience for your eventual headphones are annually tested and maintained or replaced.

R &D department

Silent Disco International develop, test and produce all new products in our own R&D department. This is also the birthplace for the tailor made solutions for our clients. Our R&D staff are specialized sound processing, light solutions and have a vast knowledge of RF technology and antenna systems. In the past they have continuously improved and developed the wireless headphones to become the leading standard in the industry.

The Silent Disco History

Two decades ago Nico Okkerse started the Silent Disco movement in The Netherlands. The name Silent Disco was originated at that time and so was the company Silent Disco. As the concept took off the brand "Silent Disco" converted slowly into a more generic description for wireless headphone events. Nowadays hundreds of company's around the world and headphone suppliers use the phrase Silent Disco as a service in their portfolio. But there is only one original…..
Today Silent Disco is active in more then 13 countries under the name Silent Disco International.

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